The UrbanThings Mobility Charter


In the United Kingdom, the ‘Bus Back Better’ National Bus Strategy means that mobility operators are being called upon to introduce more efficient and more appealing services. The core of this initiative revolves around multi-operator planning and data integration. To successfully deliver and maintain improved bus services cities and operators must fully understand their systems as they exist today and the way their passengers use them.
UrbanHub is an integrated Mobility as a Service Data platform that supports multi-operator, multi-modal ticketing and MaaS. Developing this platform has given UrbanThings the expertise to understand how to combine and integrate data from multiple operators to create a single view for the city and a single passenger experience shown in the diagram.

A Framework for Data Integrations

In order to deliver the Bus Back Better initiative, Local authorities, Operators and Tech Suppliers need to work together. With multiple stakeholders across any given region, a common ground must be found amongst different technologies and reporting systems. We have developed The UrbanThings Mobility Charter to provide authorities and operators with an overview of the responsibilities each party should take in order to enable this open and integrated mobility system.

The charter gives a detailed technical specification for the required data points, data standards and interfaces which we recommend each stakeholder commits to supporting as part of a broader mobility platform. We also run through the passenger journey and how the different levels of integration into a collaborative framework can enhance their experience, 

UrbanThings are happy to work with cities and local authorities who are implementing their Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) and provide assistance in the inclusion of this charter and its technical specification. This effectively produces a legal framework to improve services via graduated data sharing between transport operators and public bodies.

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To access the Mobility Charter, complete the form. If you’d like to discuss how UrbanThings can help you integrate your operation into UrbanHub, our MaaS platform for cities and governments, then get in touch with the team.

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