Bristol API Hackathon 2

Myself and the team were at Bristol’s Watershed today to help run the second of this year’s Bristol API Hackathons in partnership with Connecting Bristol. The challenge was ‘A Cleaner Leaner Bristol‘. How can we reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles on the roads that contribute to pollution?

We were also spreading interest in the live Electric Vehicle Chargepoint data that the team have been integrating into The Bristol API, and helping participants to download and visualise this.

The Finalists

After a hard day’s discussions and coding, the solutions were presented to a packed room:

• A ‘Plan around disruptions’ idea that involved smarter journey planning in the event of disruptions and some clever routing around incidents.

• ‘Three Stop Hop’ application to make the most of First buses’ discount ticket that only covers travel between three bus stops.

• A ‘Green Days Out’ tool that combined city pollution sensing data with POIs in The Bristol API to suggest and then plan journeys to greener places.

The Winners

In the end, the judges decided to award the prize to the ‘Three Stop Hop’ project. The judges felt that this was particularly innovative, had universal appeal (“everyone loves a bargain”), applications outside of Bristol (e.g. zonal travel) and also tied in with wider council initiatives to encourage healthier travel.

Lizzie Darville, Russell Day and Tom Harts received the day’s prize of £100 cash from UrbanThings, plus a chance at the year’s ‘Grand Prize’ of a design workshop worth £2,500 from leading digital design agency Big Mallet.

A fantastic day was had by all – there was intense coding, litres of coffee drunk, and multiple salty snacks and beers to round things off. Our thanks to all who came along and, as ever, the tireless work by Katherine, Matthew and the Connecting Bristol team to make it all happen.

Photos courtesy of John Kinson, and click here to read Lizzie’s blog about her day.