Bristol API Hackathon 3

Saturday saw the UrbanThings team head west for Bristol API Hackathon 3. Hosted at Just Eat’s Bristol HQ, the Connecting Bristol event was a sell-out with dozens of eager developers arriving for a day of hacking.

October’s challenge was how to ‘Travel Bristol (on a budget)’, and our eager coders spent the day combining both concepts while the Just Eat Tech team provided pizza after pizza – a solid must have for any developer… but thankfully the beer fridge wasn’t opened until theĀ afternoon!

We were also treated to some futuristic gadgets, including a robot on wheels and a Microsoft HoloLens – see judge Suzanne Wilson trying it out below. šŸ™‚

At the end of the day, each team presented their solutions to a packed crowd, and the pitches were judged by representatives from UrbanThings and Connecting Bristol.

We had some fantastic presentations, including a highly commended one from Team Street Art who developed a creative way to encourage walking round the city by planning journeys via street art. This was achieved by mashing up geotagged photos from the Flickr API with journey planning from Google and the Bristol API.

Saturday’s winners were Peter Bridger, Andy MacLean, Luke Parry and Daniel Williams of This Is Zone with their innovative solution for analysing peopleā€™s commutes and suggesting ways to save money. The winning solution used data from the Bristol API, including our journey planning endpoints, and the team also presented a skillfully designed prototype app.

As well as winning Ā£100 on the day, This IsĀ Zone are now in with a chance of winning a Ā£1000 digital workshop with leading creative agency Big Mallet.

Thank you to Just Eat Tech for hosting and feeding us all, and keep watching this space for details of the next hackathon.

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