BSIP Funding

Why councils should prioritise their BSIP funding towards a transport platform

We’re all aware of the growing concern over the potential cuts to BSIP funding. As the distribution of BSIPs funding grows closer, councils across England are rethinking their priorities to maximise the effectiveness of their allocated funding.

What was in your original BSIP funding plan? Now ask yourself “If my funding is reduced, what does that plan look like now?”. If funding is reduced or postponed, many of the big ticket items could be out of reach or pushed back. So what can you use the funding for that will tick off the most boxes and be the most impactful on your community?

Key benefits:

⬣   Encourage bus patronage through access to real-time information and ticketing
⬣  Demonstrate that bus travel is the simplest, convenient and cost-effective mode of travel in your community.
Deploy a passenger app that is multi-operator and multi-modal, so that information about every service is available to passengers
Create a strong network brand identity for Local Authorities and Enhanced Partnerships.
Give passengers a platform for their voice to be heard
Create community impact with a highly visible, future proof solution.

MaaS transport apps are highly scalable and often cost less than you’d think. An added advantage is that there will most likely be a proportion of your BSIP funding remaining to be spent on other projects.

At UrbanThings, we’ve been supporting Cities, Councils and Local Authorities on how they can stretch that money further. Tough decisions may need to be made and any new projects and schemes that are implemented have to be future-proof.


UrbanHub is a software platform designed to communicate with multiple transport Apps, Back Office Systems and third party transport data sources. It uses a modern, modular design to make it flexible, scalable and adaptable. The platform is currently powering apps and back offices for several major UK bus companies and regional authorities.

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