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Deliver incredible transport experiences with Ticketless™

Ticketless is the intelligent transport platform that allows city authorities and governments to offer MaaS across their communities. Featuring a beautifully designed mobile application for passengers and a back-office suite of tools and passenger analytics for managers, Ticketless enables cities and governments to provide secure, frictionless and enjoyable account-based travel to millions.

Designed with proven UI expertise, the Ticketless passenger app gives users access to real-time travel information for multiple transport operators and modes of transport so they can discover and make effortless journeys. Capable of multi-modal and multi-operator ticketing, Ticketless delivers efficient and enjoyable travel experiences to passengers and provides lucrative ways for operators to access additional riders and to bridge the first mile/last mile gap.

With the potential to include active travel options like cycle schemes alongside traditional modes of transport, cities and governments can promote healthier and greener approaches to travel whilst ensuring that traditional operators retain a customer relationship.




Mobile tickets can be validated with various check-in methods from contactless EMV to our very own low-cost, zero-hardware Hex Tag technology, so operators can use what suits them best. In fact, Ticketless was designed with affordability and portability in mind making it highly flexible to the complex needs of large transport networks at a low and affordable cost.

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Key Benefits

⬣  Increase network ridership with better passenger information
⬣  Enhance passenger experiences with multi-modal, multi-operator journeys 
⬣  Understand, optimise and take control of transport provision via powerful passenger analytics
⬣  Flexible, portable and affordable solution, highly compatible with existing transport systems

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