Introducing: Ian (cycling up a hill near you)

I joined Urban Things in June to head up the Android development team, after eight years in mobile development at a cloud music provider. Prior to this, I spent fifteen years working in game development, dating back to the very first Java enabled mobile phones and various game consoles, mostly focussing on Nintendo handhelds. So it’s safe to say that the cornerstone of my career is mobile devices!

Some of the initial tasks I have been working on: a reorganisation of the code base to better support our growing suite of apps, and the production of a more modern and open source SDK to allow third parties to build against our platform.

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a new flavour of our app which has a host of new features that we’ll be rolling out over the next couple of months. Beyond that, the future holds lots of interesting projects to get my teeth into, including a full visual redesign of our apps and a significant codebase overhaul to modernise the Android architecture. Part of this overhaul will be based around RetroFit, OkHttp, RxJava, as well as other well known libraries, and (hopefully!) a smattering of Kotlin.

Watch this space for some technical blog posts as we work through this.

I’ve joined a small but perfectly formed company at an exciting time, and look forward to seeing how we grow and progress while building new features that make it easier for the end user to get around – whether they are in New York, London or Sydney.


Ian’s 5 Favourite Things:

• My family, wife Gemma, daughter Amelie who is three going on thirteen, and dog Indy – named after the whip and fedora toting hero of course!
• Coffee, coffee, and more coffee
• Food, I love eating (and cooking) different food and cuisines
Cycle racing, this helps offset the eating…
• Technology, making phones, devices, servers and data all work together never gets boring!
• Off by one errors