Introducing Ticketless

Transport without tickets

We’re very excited to take the covers off of something we’ve been working hard on for a while now.

Seamless, ticketless travel.

We believe that the future of transport ticketing doesn’t involve tickets at all. Paper or otherwise. We have a vision for a future where passengers won’t even need to take their phones out of their pockets or bags. They’ll be able to seamlessly walk on and off vehicles and Ticketless technology will take care of everything behind the scenes.

A while back, we started work on the technology that will make this vision a reality. Now that goal is one step closer. Over the next few months, we’ll have even more exciting announcements to share, but here’s a quick peek under the hood:
Part of the magic lies in Bluetooth Smart: active beacons on vehicles detect the presence of your device, so the service knows where you get on and off. This introduces the possibility of distance and time-based fare structures without the need for expensive hardware

Beacons send data back to the cloud-based Ticketless back office which handles everything from fare capping to live occupancy monitoring. It’s an easy way for operators to manage their fleet, products, and CRM from a single responsive portal.

Check out the Ticketless website and join us on the journey towards the next step in transport ticketing.

Welcome aboard.