The #makebristolmobile hackathon: What went down

Our 4th hackathon co-hosted with Bristol City Council was a success! Read all about some of the great ideas our hackers came up with.


First things first, a huge thank you to OVO Energy for hosting us at their beautiful HQ, to Bristol City Council for running proceedings with us and, of course, everyone who turned up on the day to put their app-making skills to the test.

Four teams of developers, designers and hobbyists put their heads together to come up with creative and practical solutions to issues faced by sustainable transport in the area. They had access to The Bristol API and our brand new iOS and Android SDKs, the rest was up to their imagination.

A day’s worth of pizza and beer later and it’s our pleasure to show off what they built.

Team Praboo Beanie showed us a fun web app that turns public transport into a game. Users earn points by choosing to travel by sustainable modes of transport. They then compete against each other for the top spot on the leaderboard. We think this a great approach to getting people, especially young people, to pick the bus over the car when travelling!

Next up, we have Team Nigel, who used the Bristol API data to analyse congestion on local roads. We can definitely see how this process could be developed further to give drivers and travellers an idea of which routes to take and which to avoid during busy times. Something like this definitely has a place in an increasingly smart and connected world.

Penultimately, we’ve got Team Potato and their app that allowed a more personalised journey. A sort of commute companion that could help you keep on touch of when you have to leave your house to catch that elusive train or bus.

Lastly, our winners for the day, Team PK. They got to walk away with the cash prize thanks to their app that takes note of a users favourite stops and uses them to surface realtime information. This way, users of the app can make smarter journey planning decisions without having to dig for info.

All in all, we met some great people and heard a bunch of good ideas. We’re already looking forward to the next hackathon…

If you want to try your hand at using the same data, register for a free account at The Bristol API. We’d love to see what you come up with.