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UrbanThings’ survey finds occupancy predictions would boost public transport confidence for 79%

March 18, 2021

A survey conducted by UrbanThings found that 79% of the public would feel more confident in using public transport if they could see how busy a vehicle is before boarding.

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UrbanThings to provide smart transport platform for free to aid sector recovery

March 1, 2021

UrbanThings has introduced a ‘smart recovery’ promotion in an effort to help transport providers return as the nation prepares for post-pandemic life.

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Transport m-Ticketing rises UrbanThings

Transport m-Ticketing usage rises 200%, reports UrbanThings

February 11, 2021

Smart transport platform providers, UrbanThings, have reported a 200% rise in bus mobile ticketing use in Q4 of 2020 compared to pre-pandemic averages.

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journey reservation software

UrbanThings launches trip reservations in smart passenger app

January 21, 2021

UrbanThings are delighted to introduce our brand new trip reservations feature as part of the Ticketless passenger app and all-new Ticketless passenger website.

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UrbanThings mobile ticketing app

UrbanThings accelerate business growth with new hires

November 24, 2020

UrbanThings are thrilled to announce a number of new starters to support our ambitious growth plans for 2021 and beyond, following the extensive success of our Ticketless smart mobility platform.

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Welsh Government app TfW

Ticketless rolls-out on the multi-operator network TrawsCymru

October 19, 2020

Great news from UrbanThings HQ! We’ve just rolled-out our smart-mobility platform Ticketless™ in partnership with the Welsh Government! The solution integrates with multiple operators running TrawsCymru services in Wales.

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Mobile Ticketing Newport

UrbanThings rolls out Ticketless™ to Newport Bus

September 28, 2020

UrbanThings is excited to announce the roll-out of our smart mobility platform Ticketless™ to our latest customer, Newport Transport in Wales. 

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UrbanThings launches social distancing technology in Ipswich

September 3, 2020

UrbanThings’ latest innovation has just launched in partnership with Ipswich Buses! Our social distancing technology for public transport generates future occupancy predictions, and shows passengers how busy a particular service will be at the time when they board.

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Pre-booking UrbanThings

UrbanThings partners with Welsh Government to provide pre-booking

August 12, 2020

UrbanThings are partnering with the Welsh Government to provide a multi-operator, mobile-ticketing solution, with pre-booking and seat reservations on the TrawsCymru network across Wales.

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Funding raised

UrbanThings raises over £450k in new funding

July 20, 2020

UrbanThings is thrilled to report that we’ve raised £455,000 in new funding from a combination of existing investors and the UK Government’s Future Fund investment scheme.


UrbanThings wins Innovate UK grant

UrbanThings wins Innovate UK Grant

May 21, 2020

UrbanThings is excited to announce that we’ve been awarded a grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to develop the technology needed to ensure safer travel on public transport following the COVID-19 pandemic.



Introducing Ticketless On Board

May 11, 2020

UrbanThings is excited to provide an exclusive look at our new product, Ticketless On Board - a lightweight on-board mobility solution for GPS vehicle tracking.

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