UrbanThings provides smart ticketing to Cambridge business park

December 23, 2019

smart ticketing

UrbanThings is happy to announce that we’ve added another customer to the Ticketless™ platform. In partnership with Hertfordshire-based Richmonds, the white-labelled Ticketless app has been deployed to workers using business park transport services near Cambridge. UrbanThings have worked with Richmonds to provide institutional ticketing and real-time information that is only available to employees of companies based at the park. 

The app uses UrbanThings innovative Hex Tag technology to allow passengers to validate their tickets when boarding.  Crucially, this also captures passenger usage data that allows the operator and business park to more fully understand how the service is being used, on a per-workplace basis. The team at Richmonds has access to a cloud-based back office to view these metrics, manage their fleet and nurture customer relationships. The subsequent data will be used to optimise routes, apportion subsidies and improve services.

Carl Partridge, CEO of UrbanThings said

“We’re thrilled to have brought institutional ticketing and Hex Tag technology to business park services for Richmonds. Being able to provide this low-cost, secure verification method and passenger breakdown reports was key for their private services. We’re looking forward to a continued partnership.”

Andrew Richmond, Managing Director of Richmonds said

“More of our contract clients have been requesting a travel app that on the one hand delivers a better service so that their staff can view timetables, receive alerts and track coaches, whilst on the other hand, gives transport managers increased visibility for route optimisation, and improves on-boarding security via e-tickets with anti-fraud measures. In the long-term, the information gathered by the app will enable us to help our clients to reduce their CO2 footprint and improve our service delivery. In developing the Richmonds Smart Travel App, UrbanThings have understood our requirements and delivered on them. We look forward to optimising the potential of the app and rolling it out across our various services.”

If you’d like to know more, then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat about your smart ticketing solution. Alternatively, UrbanThings will be exhibiting at Transport Ticketing Global in January 2020, so feel free to contact us about scheduling a meeting, or just pop by our stand.