UrbanThings partners with Welsh Government to provide pre-booking

UrbanThings are partnering with the Welsh Government to provide a multi-operator, mobile-ticketing solution, with pre-booking and seat reservations on the TrawsCymru network across Wales.

We’re excited to announce that we will be deploying our white-labelled smart mobility solution Ticketless™ on five of TrawsCymru’s coach network routes this October. A second phase is hoped to extend the solution to the entire network early next year. 

Pre-booking UrbanThings

TrawsCymru is a multi-operator network serving cities and towns across Wales and West England. UrbanThings will collate real-time information gathered from operators First Group, Stagecoach and Lloyds Coaches, and publish it within the passenger app. Alongside the RTI, passengers will be able to purchase tickets (via the TrawsCymru website or the new Ticketless mobile app), pre-book a journey and reserve seats. The app and accompanying website will be available in both English and Welsh.

mobile ticketing seat reservations

The platform will also show live vehicle capacity, a new feature from UrbanThings, to help manage social distancing following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Carl Partridge from UrbanThings said

“To restore confidence in public transport, it’s essential that passengers can pre-book a journey with the guarantee of a seat in a safe environment.   It’s very exciting to be working directly with the Welsh Government on the TrawsCymru project. They require an integrated solution that can span multiple operators, and need it delivered within a tight timeframe. From October, their passengers will be able to buy tickets, reserve seats, see real-time travel information and live vehicle capacity, all in one place” 

Carl argued the need for pre-booking in public transport on our blog 2 months ago. If the transport industry is to re-start safely, then the public needs the assurance that there is adequate social distancing. By pre-booking, passengers know they have a guaranteed journey at a set time, and that journey will be safe. It’s exciting to see operators begin to embrace pre-booking as the new normal. 

To find out more our pre-booking, seat reservations and COVID-safe solutions, or to discuss how mobile ticketing from UrbanThings can benefit your operations, feel free to contact our team.