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Link: Take your transport further


Accelerate transport reporting and analysis with our API offering

Take your transport further with our open, modern API. Use Link to export and import data to and from third parties, via our centralised UrbanHub platform for enhanced service management and reporting. Link is continually evolving and being upgraded as new connections are made.

Easily extend your oversight

With quick data exports and integrations, operational analysis has never been easier. Easily identify problem areas by combining your retail, occupancy and efficiency data with external feeds. Now you can get a better view of your entire service. 


Cut out the pointless admin time

Save time spent hopping back and forth between disparate systems. With Link you can instead use an Open API that allows you to export your data to other systems and platforms, so you have a central hub for your data.


Endless linked possibilities

Link citizens and passengers across multiple modes and operators, link accounts to concessionary travel schemes, student or business login systems. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to enhancing your processes and reporting.

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