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The on-board app that tracks live location and occupancy data.

Track your fleet and manage capacity affordably

Generate arrival predictions and keep on top of vehicle capacity levels with Roam

With our GPS tracking app, you can now track your fleet and boost your customer experience with savvy reservation management features. Offering a safe staff app solution on our rugged, low-cost hardware, we’ve got it all covered for you.

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Why Choose Roam

roam live vehicle tracking

Accurate, affordable vehicle tracking

Get full visibility of your fleet with our on-board Roam solution. With instant feeds back to our platform, we generate live arrival predictions for your RTI displays and track vehicle movements in both your portal and our passenger app. Just another way of making your service as seamless as possible.

fleet capacity

Maximise your fleet capacity

Become super efficient with both pre- booked and walk-on reservations. Drivers can manage and accept passenger reservations on the go with full oversight of seat availability. Alongside real-time boarding and alighting data for drivers and the back office, now everyone’s on the same page.

rugged hardware

Portable, rugged hardware

Our tried-and-tested rugged hardware sits as comfortably in a cab as in an inspector’s pocket. High-capacity, optimised for data blackspots, and locked down to ensure in-cab legal compliance, we offer low-cost convenience with our hardware solution. Click here for more details.

Powerful features designed just for you


Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Location Tracking providing an up-to-date location to passenger app or affordable SIRI data feeds you can send to BODS or your RTI display systems.

Live Vehicle Tracking

Easy Fleet Tracking

Data is sent seamlessly to UrbanHub Base and Passenger App for easy fleet tracking.

rugged robust

Robust Hardware

Reliable and rugged hardware options. Included hardware warranty offering rapid replacement or repair.

back office

Reservation Management

Reservation management with walk-on bookings and capacity level management.

easy ticketing

Arrival Predictions

Integration with the UrbanThings Predictions Engine to generate predicted times for each transit stop – we’ll send these to your app, a data-compliant feed or even the UK BODS service.

back office

Performance Tracking

ETM-Sync Feature for easy duty-logging using SIRI-VM feed to automatically detect which trip the vehicle is running.

By working with UrbanThings, we were able to provide real-time arrival prediction to those essential workers who were travelling to the Nightingale Hospital, giving them assurance that a shuttle bus service was on its way,”

— Rikesh Shah, Transport for London

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