for School Transport

Streamline your student transport

Ticketless™ is the affordable smart ticketing solution that integrates real-time travel information, mobile ticketing and more into a beautifully designed passenger application. Using the Ticketless app, parents and students can see real-time updates about school services, purchase simple and secure mobile tickets, and manage school journeys with ease. For peace of mind, parents can even receive notifications when their child has boarded school transport.

Ticketless enables schools to offer parents and students an incredible travel experience. Requiring zero hardware to set-up, Ticketless is compatible with any type of school transport vehicle, no matter how big or small. Also featuring a back-office suite of management tools and powerful passenger analytics, Ticketless empowers schools to modernise their transport services and to reduce administrative overhead on staff. Ticketless even comes with a dedicated team of customer service experts to support parents and students with any questions or queries they may have.  


Key Benefits

⬣  Increase use of school transport services with better passenger information
⬣  Flexible, portable and affordable solution, highly compatible with existing transport systems
⬣  Understand, optimise and take control of transport provision with powerful passenger analytics. 
⬣  Encourage students out of cars and into transport services.

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