Dedicated Hardware

Ticketless On Board was developed to be lightweight and agile. The app can be downloaded on smartphones or tablets, making it portable enough to integrate with transport networks that frequently change vehicles, operate smaller vehicles such as minibuses, or run rapidly changing routes.

If an operator chooses not to run Ticketless On Board on their own devices, UrbanThings can supply rugged, high-capacity devices that come pre-installed with the software and kept up-to-date. These devices are shock-proof, dust-proof and waterproof to industrial-grade IP68 standards. The devices come with high-capacity batteries lasting up to 10 hours per duty and 7 days on standby. They are remote-managed to ensure updated software at all times and full compatibility with the Ticketless On Board product.

The devices are securely locked down so that they cannot be used as phones, ensuring legal compliance with regulations regarding phones in vehicle cabs.

⬣  Optional hardware leasing of high-capacity, rugged smartphones
⬣  Remote-managed to ensure up to date software
⬣  Software locked-down so the devices cannot be used as a phone
⬣  High capacity battery to ensure hassle-free experience
⬣  Shock-proof, dust-proof and waterproof to minimise downtime
Case Study TfL

Our Ticketless On Board Hardware solution was supplied to Transport for London to service the NHS Nightingale hospital in June 2020.

Transport for London required a quick solution that would provide real-time information in an aim to reduce waiting-times at pick-up points, and help facilitate social distancing amongst NHS key workers.

UrbanThings provided TfL with leased hardware that could track vehicle locations via GPS and produce real-time predictions in the Ticketless operator back-office. This information was then served to passengers via departure boards or the passenger app, so they could make informed decisions about their journey.