The smart transport platform to transform commuting habits towards net zero.

Helping your workforce commute sustainably with UrbanHub for Workplaces.

Commuting to work and parking onsite can be a challenge. With UrbanHub for Workplaces, our innovative transport platform, you can deliver exceptional employee transport services.

Encourage your staff to use shared transport and monitor your journey towards net zero.

Commuting to work

Why choose UrbanHub for Workplaces?

Accelerate your journey towards shared mobility with powerful features.

  • Branded employee app for live transport info, booking and workplace comms
  • Track and book private shuttle bus services
  • Live public transport times and vehicle locations
  • Bicycle and scooter e-booking integration
  • Electric vehicle charge point locations and tracking
  • See how your workforce is getting to work with live reporting
  • Monitor and report on transport usage, with carbon footprint insights
  • Capacity insights and fleet management for private shuttle buses
  • Reduce your operational costs

Software for Transport Management

“ In the long-term, the information gathered by the app will enable us to help our clients to reduce their CO2 footprint and improve our service delivery […] We look forward to optimising the potential of the app and rolling it out across our various services.”

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