UrbanThings Announces Partnership with Ticketer

Mobile app specialists UrbanThings have recently entered into a partnership with leading ticketing platform Ticketer. The two companies will jointly develop a range of innovative mobile applications.

The partnership will involve close collaboration between the two companies, with UrbanThings developing pioneering mobile apps for Ticketer with features ranging from live public transit times to intelligent journey planning and future innovative applications.

CEO of UrbanThings, Carl Partridge said, “We’re delighted to be working with Ticketer on our latest projects and we believe that by collaborating, we can build solutions that disrupt the process of travelling by public transport.”

John Clarfelt, Managing Director of Ticketer said, “We sought UrbanThings as our mobile partner because of their demonstrably strong track record in building robust and feature-rich apps. We look forward to working closely with them to realise our vision for the future of public transport.”


UrbanThings develop a range of mobile applications, including the globally popular Bus Checker apps with more than two million downloads to date. Over the past few years, they have worked with notable public and private bodies, including Traveline and TravelWest. Their aim is to overcome the limitations of traditional journey planning and make the process both smart and accessible. Developers of Bristol City Council’s official Smart City API, UrbanThings were selected as one of the UK’s #smallbiz100 in 2015 and went on to be named winners in an official Transport for London hackathon.

Ticketer are looking to transform the process of public transport ticketing with simple, cost-effective and scalable smart ticketing solutions. They are currently working with British bus operators to enable them to regain control of the way that they manage ticketing on their services, with solutions incorporating Smart Card technology and an innovative cloud-based back end.

For more information, contact Tej Palladino Peters via email at tej@urbanthings.co