The Wonder of Widgets

New: Rapid Access in our Apps to Tickets & Travel Info

At UrbanThings we put the passenger experience at the heart of everything that we do.  This means giving passengers instant access to travel information and ticketing.  The more quickly you can check your departures and board your vehicle, the better your journey.
This is why we’re proud to announce a new approach to Home Screen Widgets for our iPhone and Android Apps.

What are widgets?

Widgets are ‘mini Apps’ that can be put onto the home screen or lock screen of your smartphone.  They’re a great way to access critical information quickly, without having to open individual apps.
This makes them perfect for transport apps like UrbanHub as a way to maximise passenger experience.

Display your Ticket from your Home or Lock Screen

Passengers can now add one or more tickets to their Android home screen or iPhone lock screen.  This makes it easier than ever to show your ticket for inspection – you don’t even need to open the app! On iPhone, you can add your ticket to the Lock Screen, meaning you don’t even need to unlock your phone to see the essentials!

Live Transport Times on your Home or Lock Screen

We’ve also introduced new widgets to access live transport times on your home or lock screen. 

This means, with just one tap, you can see the next departures from your favourite stops and stations.  On Android, we’ll even put the live departures right on your home screen.

widgets and shortcuts passenger app

Buy, View and Plan with One Tap using Shortcuts

We’ve also added home screen shortcuts to our App Icons. 

By holding down your finger on the App’s icon on your home screen, you can access a handy menu to buy tickets, reserve seats, see your travel history and more.  If your ticket is expired, this makes it even easier to re-purchase and travel again.

These new features will make it easier than ever for passengers to use their smartphones to plan, buy and travel by sustainable and shared transport.  We’re excited to roll them out to all our customers over the coming months.  If you have any suggestions or comments please contact us via our website.

Matt Law, CTO at UrbanThings

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