Pilkington Bus, a leading bus operator in Lancashire, appointed UrbanThings to revamp its passenger website and extend the bus app service for another three years.

This decision follows a successful three-year partnership, during which UrbanThings provided an innovative bus app featuring real-time information, a back office portal, and a ticketing system. 

The new website will incorporate advanced journey planning features and will be designed to align Pilkington’s distinctive branding, ensuring a consistent and seamless user experience across all digital platforms. Currently operating 34 routes with a fleet of 27 vehicles, Pilkington Bus needed a modern, user-friendly website to replace their existing platform, which currently lacks journey planning capabilities. As a result, the new website aims to enhance the passenger experience by simplifying online journey planning and setting the stage for future innovations.

Finally, the solution will be built on UrbanHub, the smart transport platform designed to help cities and operators streamline their operations and enhance the passenger experience. 

We’re really excited to continue our collaboration with Pilkington Bus and provide their customers with an improved digital experience. The new website will not only embody Pilkington’s distinct brand identity, but also transform the passenger experience with journey planning capabilities, said Nicole Easden, Business Development Manager at UrbanThings.

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