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We build award-winning transit apps - and cutting-edge API platforms that power them.

Mobile Apps

We specialise in building award-winning mobile transit apps across all major platforms. Find out how we can help you bring yours to market.

urbanthings API

The urbanthings API is a robust, REST-based API that powers millions of commuter journeys each month1. Bristol City Council have used it to publish a wealth of transport data - it could power your applications too.

Transit Data

Our systems process Terabytes of transit data every month. Whatever the format - GTFS, TransXChange, CIF, plain XML, JSON, CSV – we can provide cost-effective conversion or analysis of your transit data.

Beautiful mobile apps empowering travellers worldwide.

Millions of travellers have downloaded our transit apps across all major platforms. We've won awards and received great reviews.

Successful products like UK Bus Checker offer realtime transit data, GPS-backed mapping and integrated journey planning, backed by proven expertise in UI/UX design.

We offer white-label versions of our apps; themed to reflect your brand and product, offering affordable apps that are truly first class.

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A scalable Smart City Platform to meet your needs

The UrbanThings API delivers smart city data to more than a million devices each month, including our popular Bus Checker apps.

We provide a white-label solution that allows you to open up your data to developers on a free or revenue-share basis via an automated portal and fully configurable endpoints. See a working example of how Bristol Council have integrated with our solution to allow developers access to their transport and smart city data.

A fast, robust REST-based API that provides static transit data, RTI, place/POI lookup and resource availability. Built on reliable scaling infrastructure to cope with peak demand.

Integrate your city or organisation with our API and make your data work harder.

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